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What is Social Media Management?

Custom Strategies That Promote Stellar Customer Engagement

Do You Know What a Facebook Fan Page Is? As you may already know, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter is social media network of hundreds of millions of users that log in daily.

People set up personal accounts to log in and network with other users or friends. Businesses and organizations can create a fan page where other Facebook users can like their business and become a fan.

What exactly does this mean for you as a small business owner or large  business owner?

Your fans can see the information you post on your page, view your photos and stay up to date on your latest company news specials and latest offerings.

Your Facebook fans can also leave you reviews on your fan page, which is a great and free way to help boost your company’s reputation online.

Having a Facebook fan page allows you to easily network with your customers and get your products and services in front of more people.

With so many people using Facebook so frequently, the average user spends about an hour a day on Facebook.
It has become a necessary part of any small business’s marketing strategy to have a fan page. Having a Facebook fan page is also a great way to improve your SEO ratings and helps you get your business to the front page of search engines.

The reason that having a fan page for your business on Facebook is so beneficial to your company is that it’s an easy way to reach your target market if you know how to set it up correctly and are constantly posting content and interacting with people.

However, properly managing a fan page can be extremely time-consuming, especially for a busy small business owner
who already has enough on their plate. And that’s where we come in.

We offer a wide array of services related to Facebook fan pages for the small business owner, everything from selling set up and optimization of your fan page to complete social media management campaigns. 

Integrated Processes for Maximum Impact

Social media marketing involves better-integrated processes to ensure a togetherness between your customer, your content, and your company. Simply sharing links to your content or web pages on your social channels is not enough if you hope to achieve results for your social media activities.

Aside from fully understanding and learning the social media management definition by heart, you should master its major processes, too. This will assist you in better understanding how to rank social media marketing to gain a competitive advantage and effectively help your entire marketing strategy.

Here’s what your social media management game plan must include:


Strategy Creation: The map or plan containing your social media goals, steps to achieve them, a corresponding timeline and metrics to track progress The social media management definition isn’t complete without a mention of strategy.

It’s the master plan, and it helps you visualize what business social media management looks like for you. Some major factors to consider are which platforms to capitalize on, who your audience is, what types of content to produce, what key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure, and which social media management software to use.

Inbound Engagement Monitoring: The process of responding to comments, questions, and relations with all social media content and profiles and continuing conversation provoked by fans Studies show that an average of two-thirds of consumers desire a connection with brands.

It makes sense, then, to strive to facilitate two-way communication every chance you get.

Analytics Monitoring: The gathering and checking of data against metrics to ensure the achievement of results Let data drive your corporate, multi-location business, or franchise social media management campaigns.
You can monitor important metrics on your chosen platforms, such as engagement metrics (likes, shares, and comments), impressions and click-through rates (for targeted social ads).

Why Businesses Need Social Media Management

Online Solutions That Make Your Brand Stand Out

Social media is an essential part of any digital strategy. Business owners and marketers know this and as such, social media is often tackled at the launch of a business or brand.

When you look at social media marketing, it immediately becomes clear that there are several elements to navigate and be implemented if you hope to succeed across social platforms.

Analyze how social media management for small alone requires you to create an overarching strategy, post and, schedule high-quality content, respond to customer comments, engage with users and, set up paid advertising campaigns.

content creations

The management has its budget, tools ad even a team of strategists and specialists!

Road to Success Keeping in balance all these moving parts is what social media management is about.

Giving up the resources required to carry out full scope Facebook or LinkedIn management services in-house is a difficult task for many businesses.

The additional costs of, for instance, YouTube management or Pinterest management services are likely not even a consideration. Social media management across all the platforms requires bandwidth many businesses simply don’t have.

You stand to benefit from employing an expert social team with experience and success in deploying the social campaigns and strategies your business needs.

Many professionals prefer to depend on software and tools to get the job done.
However, while the best social media management tools certainly help simplify your processes,
Thedigitalsmarts senior social media manager (Organic), said these don’t replace the need for an expert.


Thedigitalsmarts said these don’t replace the need for an expert. We provides you with an experienced social media and content marketer who can align their efforts with your holistic marketing strategy and deliver content that speaks directly to your target audience, driving reach and engagement.

As a leader among social media management companies, we exist to deliver, an all-encompassing social marketing service to all types of businesses.

when you’re putting content online There is two difference in content There’s organic content and there is paid content.

Organic content is content that you usually put on your website or your Facebook or your Instagram that you just want to get engagement from. You and people to like. You want people to comment.

You want to create a dialogue with your customers. Organic content isn’t as strong and calls to action, and it has a lot more voice and it’s usually more playful.

Paid content is usually much more intentional. You are trying to reach a specific person to do a specific thing. You want customers and potential customers to take a very specific action.


You want them to subscribe, you want them to buy, or maybe you want them to book whatever that call to action is. So together, you are not only bringing in new people from your paid content, you are keeping them connected to your business with your organic content.

In addition, our social media managers, organic and paid, listed some of the main purposes of social media marketing management based on type:

So, should you focus on one or the other, or do you need a combination of both? It can be a challenge to get content in front of social media users without some budget.

Brands should keep in mind that while the benefits of organic social are worth the time investment, a boosting budget – no matter how small – is always helpful in kickstarting your campaign. That’s why you should partner with an agency or expert who can tackle both organic and paid social campaigns.

At Thedigitalsmarts, we have organic and paid social strategists so we can match clients with the best expert for their specific needs. We identify the right platform for your growth, monitor results and make changes based on the data. In the long run, partnering with us can be more efficient and effective.

The best social media management agencies can tailor any solution to your specific niche, from organic Facebook and Instagram marketing to Youtube and Twitter advertising.

At Thedigitalsmarts, knowing your industry well is part of our comprehensive research, and it helps us identify the correct social platforms for your business sector, the overarching strategy and the targeted campaigns that are right for you and align with your business goals.

There may be a universal social media management definition, but different industries adopt the components that work for them. Our social media management offering includes:

  • Small business social media management.
  • Enterprise social media management.
  • multiple-location business social media management.

In some instances, other digital marketing firms partner with us to propel their client’s presence and engagement on the social web – they execute this by using our social media management packages.

This is our unique social media management for agencies offering, which allows us to support digital marketers who are still building out their social management teams and service offering.

Facebook Management

Facebook Management

With over 1.9 billion daily active users, Facebook has sufficient reach to support social media management for everything from small business clients to large corporations. The main attraction fibs in its low-cost marketing, exact targeting, and organic follower engagement. Maximize these benefits when you sign up for our Facebook management services. Our social media management company offers strategy recommendations, content development, comment monitoring for social content, and paid advertising, among others
Instagram Management

Instagram Management

With over 500 million daily active users have purchased a product on the visual storytelling app. Adapt social media marketing management on this platform to achieve your sales goals. You can leave the legwork to Thedigitalsmarts, an Instagram management agency with extensive experience in optimizing vanishing and user-generated content. We handle it all, from gallery posts and Instagram stories to interstitial ads.
Youtube Management

Youtube Management

YouTube’s commercial success is well-documented, but its emergence is tied to how it delivers suitable videos to user searches. Your brand can take part in this cultural moment by embedding search engine optimization best practices into your channel. Our YouTube management approach simplifies the steps for you, researching the most suitable title tags and descriptions to go with your video uploads.
Twitter Management

Twitter Management

Hop into the talks that matter to your target audience, advocate causes your company believes in, and grow an online community on Twitter. This chattering app is helping to expand your outreach and establish your brand personality. Whether it's a large enterprise or small business social media management you require, our Twitter management experts aid you in creating a cohesive, channel-specific strategy.
LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn Management

Our experts have found LinkedIn an optimal place for business-to-business companies to make managers and decision-makers partner with them. At Thedigitalsmarts, we take advantage of its native social media management software solutions to employ lead-generating company social media management. Our array of LinkedIn management services is designed to support your brand credibility, display your thought-leadership, bound out your competitors and gain market trust.
Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

Improve your add-to-cart and checkout rates when you share your eCommerce catalog on Pinterest. No other social media management agencies are as committed as Thedigitalsmarts in strategically posting, optimizing, and positioning your pins. Responding to inbound engagement like comments, questions and feedback is also a part of our social media management firm strategists' day.

Social Media Marketing

Let you touch base with your target audience and promote your offerings at digital speed. But there’s a right way to boost your brand visibility and execute your business goals, and it’s called social media marketing. Our social media management services include this process, which combines market research, strategy-building, consumer engagement and campaign-based social media marketing management.

Social Media Advertising

Choose the social strategy that keeps 73 per cent of customers clicking: paid social advertising! Leverage this lucrative trend and design the best social media management game plan with Thedigitalsmarts experts. We select platforms where your target audience is found and create custom-built ads that appeal to them. Ad campaigns are aligned with your budget, turning clicks into investments and maximizing your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Social Media Brand Management

What is social media management without brand management? Theditalsmarts plans, implements and monitors organic and paid brand campaigns on multiple platforms. Our social media management company's custom solutions enable you to set a positive brand image, boost your reach and ramp up sales and profits.

Web Design & Development

When you send people from your social pages to your website, ensure they will find it easy to use and guide. As we manage social media accounts, we also check if your site is compliant with the Indian with Disabilities Act, functional and optimized based on best practices. Our web design and development team sets up a responsive and mobile-first digital home to boost transformations.

Social Media Follower Growth

Forrester data shows that 90 per cent of consumers want to interact with brands using social media. If you want to expand your market and widen your social following, enrich future results with our sustainable growth strategy. You can depend on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram management services for an integrated technique that spans social media invite emails and website follower growth buttons.

Social Media Seo

Pinpoint visitors to your site or secure visibility for your links in social search results through proper social media optimization. With advice from your dedicated social media manager website, links are distributed on your social profiles, increasing vulnerability and extending lifespan. Social media management companies can help you leverage the fact that search engines can also index your organic post if they apply to people’s questions.

Social media management is not easy so more and more small-business owners are choosing to collaborate with experts. To master in it, great attention and time is required. No matter your industry, size of business or budget here at Thedigitalsmarts we cater to your specifications.

We convey to clients the benefits of knowing the ins and outs of each process. Your search for “social media management near me” is over. Our data-driven professionals manage and steer your social media accounts toward your desired results.

Below are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

Deliverable-Based Packages

From content and engagement to strategy and analytics, Thedigitalsmarts manages small- and large-scale deliverables for clients each month. Say, for example, you enrol our Instagram management services. You can expect us to deploy a customized list of items within the project deadline. Our social media management agency does not skimp on the best social media management tools and tactics to meet, if not exceed, your anticipations.

Extensive Subject Matter Expertise

Get checked with the best social media management strategists, depending on your most critical needs. Both our paid and organic teams have precise skill sets to cover all bases, whether you want pay-per-click advertising out of our LinkedIn management services or prefer organic posting from our Pinterest management services.

Dedicated Account Managers

Consider Thedigitalsmarts social media management company as an extended unit of your marketing team. Our account manager will be working closely with you from start to finish. Think of your AM as your go-to person from the inside, providing you with an overview of the details of your progress.

"Quality Over Quality" Focus

As with any other digital marketing process, social media content management is dynamic and always progressing. The teams that manage social media accounts stay flexible to the changes, adjusting plans and techniques accordingly. One of the most vital pivots we’ve made is to move from increasing posting frequency to crafting valuable content instead, in all our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Management.

Sharp Trendspotting

Weary of how past social media management firms have carried the same underwhelming outcomes? Opposition to shifts in social media management service packages is a no-no within our agency. We are ready to spot, expect and stay on top of the most bankable directions and the best social media management tools that go with them.

Semi Monthly Reports

For the most accurate picture of your campaign status, you’re given mid-month and monthly reports. Your AM is also available to answer any questions you may have about our franchise social media management or enterprise social media management solutions. Plus, we offer you access to your real-time data through Thedigitalsmarts proprietary social media management software, also known as the online client portal.

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