Basic YouTube Marketing Package


Key Features

  • 📺 YouTube Channel Setup
  • 🖼️ Custom Cover & Profile Pic
  • 🎬 Weekly Video Uploads
  • 👁️ Catchy Custom Thumbnails
  • 🚀 Video Optimization
  • 📊 Strategic Tags
  • 📈 Ad Campaign Setup
  • 🎯 Precise Audience Targeting
  • 🔄 Remarketing Ads
  • 📆 Monthly Reports
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Experience a new era of YouTube marketing with our Basic YouTube Marketing Package. This all-inclusive package, priced at 10,000 INR or 140 USD per month (exclusive of taxes), is tailored to enhance your YouTube channel’s reach and influence.

YouTube Channel Creation: We kickstart your journey with the creation of an engaging and professional YouTube channel. Our experts design custom cover photos and profile pictures that reflect your brand identity, making a positive first impression on your viewers.

Video Optimization: With our Basic package, you can upload one video per week to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Each video receives our special attention to ensure it’s optimized for search engines, driving organic traffic to your channel.

Custom Thumbnails: Stand out from the crowd with custom thumbnails that grab the viewer’s attention. Our team designs compelling visuals that make your videos more clickable, boosting your channel’s performance.

Strategic Keyword Research: Our experts perform in-depth keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your content. While this feature is not included in the Basic package, you can easily add it to further enhance your video optimization.

Engagement-Boosting Elements: We create and add interactive elements like end screen cards and information cards to keep your audience engaged, increasing your video’s watch time and discoverability.

Video Tags: Our team carefully selects and adds relevant video tags, another vital component of optimizing your videos for search engines and recommendations. This step ensures your content reaches the right audience.

YouTube Ads Campaign: Expand your reach with our YouTube Ads services. This package includes the setup of your YouTube Ad account and the creation of two video ads each month. You can choose from various ad formats, including skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, discovery ads, and YouTube video sequence ads.

Audience Targeting: Benefit from detailed audience creation and customization. We perform A/B testing on targeting strategies to help you reach the right audience with your video content.

Remarketing Video Ads: Boost your brand visibility with remarketing video ads. Stay in front of users who have already interacted with your channel, maximizing your chances of conversion.

Monthly Performance Reports: Keep track of your YouTube channel’s progress with our comprehensive monthly performance reports. Analyze your growth, engagement, and the impact of your ads to fine-tune your marketing strategies.

With our Basic YouTube Marketing Package, you’re taking a giant leap toward YouTube success. Join the ranks of successful content creators and marketers by getting started today! 🚀


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