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What is Local SEO ?

Many customers are looking for local businesses every day and approximately 91 percent of prospects require digital capabilities to facilitate brand transactions. Without a robust local business SEO presence, you are missing out on valuable leads, traffic, and sales opportunities.

What is Local Search Optimization?

Local SEO is a specialized kind of search engine optimization, SEO that increases the possibility for prospective customers to find information about your company online, either when they search specifically for your name or any businesses that provide particular goods and services nearby them.

Sometimes people are looking for more knowledge about a business. They may know the name, but want to find the phone number or address. Other times, they may be looking for a job consultancy, for example, but need to discover one by them.

When people search for this kind of information, local SEO helps the search engines provide it to them via the search engine results pages. Local SEO isn’t just one single thing. Yes, you need to use SEO best practices on your website, but you also need to make certain that your business is listed elsewhere on the web, too.

Then prospective customers have a much better chance of finding your company when they search either specifically for you or for the services and products, you sell.

Why local SEO is important to your business ?

If you are looking for SEO firms in India you don’t want search results listing several firms from, Dubai. That’s where Google steps in. Google’s search algorithm can detect when search queries and information are local to the user. Since Google favours local results, it is essential to include local SEO on your website to be visible to your audience.

Mobile Search

In the world we live in today, search is playing by smartphones. Mobile search allows you to find businesses nearby, get directions, and even call them without ever having to visit their website. And since mobile search generally produces local results, Google plus optimization is most important than ever. Let our experienced Thedigitalsmarts SEO team help you take control of your market’s local search results.

Google + and Maps

Local businesses can further increase their rankings and visibility by using Google plus, which has become a key component of local search engine optimization (SEO). We can get your business to be listed where most of the traffic occurs so you can benefit from getting more customers.


Location-based keywords

As you probably know by now, Google is smart and can determine the kind of information you are looking for just by the way you perform a search query. By targeting location-based specific keywords, you have the advantage of not having to compete with larger businesses for highly competitive keywords.

Location-based keywords are usually searched on when people are ready to act, which means that they have a much higher conversion rate than keywords of higher competition.


placement Consultancy

What are Local SEO ranking factors ?

Google looks  at various local SEO ranking factors to determine your search rankings. 

These include:

  • Keywords
  • User experience
  • Google My Business listing
  • Domain authority
  • Name,address and phone number consistency in local business citations
  • Review quality and diversity
  • Link signals

How to do local SEO?

Local SEO leverage various local digital marketing tactics to rank up your  local SEO ranking.


  • Local business SEO keyword targeting
  • Google local SEO content marketing
  • SEO local landing page optimization
  • Local Search citations
  • Google my Business optimization
  • on-page SEO
  • off-page SEO 

Why is Google My Business Important for Your Business?

Marketing strategy to reach customers

Google My Business is a free marketing tool powered by Google that allows marketers to manage how their brand information is presented on Google maps and Google Search.

Your Google My Business page shows valuable business details – such as your company’s NAP, hours of operation, website link and customer reviews – to assist potential customers with their online search.

Why is Google my business important for SEO?

Google My Business optimization is a crucial aspect of local SEO marketing. Your Google My Business page serves as one of the local SEO ranking factors, which dictate your online success. By claiming your Google My Business listing, you allow search engines to verify your brand’s existence.

Here are more reasons you needs to include Google My Business Optimization in your Local SEO marketing efforts:



Google My Business SEO is one of the sure-fire ways to help your brand earn credibility and clicks to your website. Take
advantage of our Google My Business optimization service and entice more users to visit your online store and physical location.

Discover how our Google My Business agency can streamline your GMB SEO and overall local SEO optimization.

Our Digital Marketing Expertise


With lakhs of websites on the internet, you want to be sure your website stands out, represent you well, and help your company grow.


The software helps you to manage all important things in one place. It maintains and smoothly controls the business. Also, It improves efficiency by eliminating errors.


Nowadays smartphone is becoming a part of our lives. Mobile applications are more reliable, personalized, and convenient for communication and in turn. help you to grow your business.


Staying up-to-date with the world of design is critical. Retro is fabulous when retro is your look, but accidental retro Because you're exceptionally outdated is adequate to meet the expectations of your clients.


Google Analytics helps you to keep a lead of all the content that receives views and shares. With this data, you can enhance the top viewed blogs so that they appeal to the customers in a more productively manner.


Want to rank on the first page of Google? Get more website traffic & increase conversions with our SEO packages.


Improve engagement on your content & drive leads towards sales with compelling, relevant and targeted content.


Social media marketing is a critical element in staying connected with your audience. Working independently of or side-by-side with you, we help keep your social community engaged.


Email marketing strategy helps you reach and especially connect with your target audience in a special way and increase sales at an affordable cost.

How to generate leads for seo services

Rank High in Search Results and Increase Your Conversions

Several elements go into creating and executing a successful marketing plan, including lead generation and local search service. Lead generation serves as the lifeblood of your business. Without a steady stream of qualified leads, your business will struggle to make sales and expand.

Local SEO, on the other hand, acts as a funnel that drives prospects into your websites.

Local business SEO services, such as local citations service and Google My Business optimization service, complement your lead generation efforts by increasing your brand awareness and driving organic traffic to your website. 

Local business SEO services, such as local citations service and Google My Business optimization service, complement your lead generation efforts by increasing your brand awareness and driving organic traffic to your website. The more people in your community can see your website, the higher your chances of acquiring clicks and Converting them into potential clients.

Local seo

Using local SEO marketing services to acquire leads also opens opportunities for :

  • Building your local search citations
  • Gathering online reviews
  • Participating in appropriate social networks
  • Creating expert content
  • Troubleshooting any visibility problems
  • Penetrating a strategic local market
  • Ranking for business-related keywords
  • Converting page visitors into leads and sales

Local SEO Tips for Lead Generation

Don’t know which local search engine optimization service to employing boosting your lead generation efforts? Fine-tune your Google local SEO efforts with these local SEO tips from the best local SEO companies:

  • Perform a regular local SEO audit
  • Create content clusters
  • Opimize your site for mobile
  • Create an SEO Strategy
  • Know your audience
  • Optimization
  • Identify geo-specific keywords for content
  • Monitor your local SEO ranking
  • Keep your sitemap up to date
  • Build a backlink strategy

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