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As a Facebook Business Partner, we’ll help you reach your business goals

Is Thedigitalsmarts the right partner to manage my Facebook ads?

At Thedigitalsmarts, we’re passionate about building lifelong relationships on a foundation that starts with your business and marketing results. ROAS is cute, but we want to focus on what drives Earnings and Profitability. As a Facebook Business Partner, we know exactly how to get that done.

Any useful relationship requires work from both parties to be successful. We partner with our clients to understand the WHY behind your business, the GOALS you desire to, and Move this will have on your customers and business; we translate this into a unique and genuine Facebook Ads marketing plan to get us there together.

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We drive results and help you reach your business dreams

Did you know we’re not the right fit for 82% of the companies that reach out to us? Our Mission is to “Improve Lives Via Results-based Relationship.”
We know for us to be Members for years to come, we need to move results and help reach your business goals.

This is why we’ll audit your current Facebook Ad account for free and pitch. we’ll be sincere with you if we feel we can’t make this a win-win

What is a Facebook Business Partner?

The Digital Smarts is a scornful Facebook Business Partner! ​​Facebook Business Partners are recognized for their ability to help companies grow today and build for tomorrow on Facebook’s family of apps.

With proved expertise in campaign management and more, as an agency partner, we can help you optimize your media planning and buying to unlock your full possibility across Facebook apps and services.


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As a badged partner, we can help you unlock your full potential across Facebook apps and services. Our business has 24/7 access to advanced Facebook tools, training and best practices to help you stay ahead of the curve in an unexpected world.

You’re already spending thousands to millions of rupees on the Facebook Ads platform—you earn a marketing agency partner who knows what they’re doing and has the attainment stats to prove it.

Cost Benefit

Competitive rates to maximize your marketing budget

Our happiest clients are those who have tried handling their Google Ads in house and have also tried hiring other agencies. Ultimately not having great results with either. with truly reasonable, competitive rates, you’ll wish you would have engaged us years ago.  Discuss rate options in your free audit with our talented team members.

 Let’s help your business experience Digitalsmarts difference today. 

Your are our top priority

We’re not here for the short game. we want to create a long-term relationship with you, helping you reach the results you want with Google Ads now and for years to come.

Many of our clients say that their Thedigitalsmarts team feels like part of their in house team. Every step of the way, you’ll have strong presenting from us, knowing what’s going on and being able to refine and adjust with us as needed.

Our Priority

How Does our Facebook marketing company boost small Business Facebook Marketing?

The Digital Smarts is a Facebook Marketing Company in India that is knowns for the details of Facebook advertising and has worked on many Facebook marketing campaigns. Our Professional Facebook marketing services can scale up quickly and make your business reach peaks.

We aspire to target audiences based on our client’s goals by designing branded ads. We create catchy Facebook posts and share alluring pictures of our client’s products/ services that attract the visitor.

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With our keen skills, we can focus on the more curious customers from an extensive group of people. We know that every business is unique in itself, and a single Facebook Advertising Strategy can not work well for different kinds of businesses. Therefore, we provide social media marketing plans that are customized to your needs and can bring a boost to your business.

Our Small Business Facebook Marketing Services

Our small business Facebook Advertisement services offer organic and paid advertising on Facebook. We always go the extra mile to help small businesses to make their Facebook promotion plan successfully. Here are the benefits a small business can get with our Small Business Facebook Promotion Packages.

Organic Facebook Management Includes:

organic Facebook ads

Paid Facebook promotion Includes :

If you want leads and sales then our Facebook marketing services can support you to get them too. Our team will create a Facebook ads campaign as per your objective and give you the best results from the Ads Campaign.

We Deliver what you desire from an Expert Facebook Advertising company:-

We know that every business is unique in itself, and a single Facebook Marketing Strategy can not work well for different kinds of businesses. Therefore, we provide Facebook marketing strategies that are customized to your needs and can bring a boost to your business or brand awareness. Sounds Impressive?
Check Our Facebook Advertising packages now!

Our Process for Facebook Advertising

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We are smitten with finding the right solutions for your business goals. As we manage your Facebook Ads, we will prove that Facebook Ads either work for your business or they don’t. Plain and simple.

Through our strategic tests, we give you the reliable data you need to see if the Facebook Ads platform is driving sales and your brand. More often than not, Facebook is a great marketing tool for businesses.

You need to have a marketing member who understands HOW to successfully market your business on this complicated platform and who will tell you when it’s a good idea to call it quits. We don’t owe Facebook anything; our focus is on our clients and what’s in the best interest of their business.